My name is Sam Boatwright. I am the Epic Runner. I ran 50 miles everyday for 50 days which totalled 2500 miles round the UK raising money for Help for Heroes. You can read about my journey through my blogs or follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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Another tough week of classes has pushed my knee pretty hard, but i think there is some improvements..... I think its getting stronger.

This weekend has seen a pretty big change for me. This is something i should have already been doing but I am now eating fresh food. This morning I went to the local farm shop and organised my entire meals for the week. I often hear many people say they dont have time to eat healthy and its easier to grab things on the go. Really??? I have got all the meats, veg and fruit I need to feed me for the week. Plan your meals and plan your workouts around your work. 

I, like many of you work full time. I work as a teacher and as with many jobs brings its own highs and lows. Every Sunday evening I will look at my week and see where I will be able to do certain workouts so i am not working certain muscle groups too much. This is something I have started to do as I have got older. 

I think the main message is this, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Yes this is taken from Bejamin Franklin but what a fantastic way to live your life. Prepare for everything!

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